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Data Mining

The process of running data through sophisticated algorithms to uncover meaningful patterns and correlations that may otherwise be hidden.

Data Mining can be used to help you understand the business better and also exploited to improve future performance through predictive analytics. For example, data mining can warn you if there’s a high probability a specific customer won’t pay on time based on an analysis of customers with similar characteristics.

Support for the whole process of data mining

  • Preparation of input data
  • Statistical evaluation of learning schemes
  • Visualization of input data and the result of learning

Tools and Algorithms

  • 60+ data pre-processing tools
  • 116 classification/regression & 11 clustering algorithms
  • 35 search, attribute and association algorithms

User Interfaces

  • Explore for data exploration/visualization. model construction
  • Experimenter – large-scale algorithm comparison with statistical tests
  • KnowledgeFlow – process model view of data mining

Powerful Data Mining Engine

Enable Well Defined Predictive Analytics

Graphic Design Tools for easy visualization
Uncover Hidden Patterns and Relationships
Exploit Insights to Improve Performance
Predict Future Performance
Embed Insights into your applications

Monitor and Adjust the Execution of Strategy:

Data is only as valuable as the insights organizations glean from it to make better decisions. 4SightBI understands that looking into the future can be more compelling than reporting on the past. 4SightBI Predictive Analytics is a logical next step in leveraging data investments to make better future decisions. 4SightBI Predictive Analytics provides capabilities to predict and optimize performance.

Deliver Insights and Information

Predictive analytics practices can help companies in three key areas: minimizing risk, identifying fraud and pursuing new revenue opportunities.

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