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Customize Your Business Intelligence
Powerful Drag-n-Drop Visualizations at Your Fingertips

In addition to the 100+ Standard reports that come out-of-the-box, 4SightBI provides access to an underlying database that can be accessed by an unlimited number of queries and reports.

4SightBI provides "ad hoc" reporting solutions that allow users to create specific, customized queries. 4SightBI utilizes a user-friendly GUI-based system without the need for the in-depth knowledge of SQL, or database schema where a programmer would normally be required.

Flexible Report Designs:

  • Thin-client business user ad hoc query and reporting
  • Pixel-perfect graphical design environment for power users
  • Approx.100 built-in Math, Logic, Text, Date and Charting functions
  • Access relational, OLAP, or XML data

Create, distribute and manage reports

Interactive web-based reporting
Rich graphical report designer
Securely view, schedule, share, and deliver reports over the web

Flexible Reporting:

Access and Format Data from:
Disparate Sources, RDBMS, and XML

Produce in Popular Formats:
HTML, Excel, PDF, Text

Company-wide 4Sight Insurance Business Definitions:

4SightBI provides a higher abstraction level in that it works on the semantic data model, not requiring knowledge of data structures or canonical forms. Directed search and querying, based on the meanings of and relationships among objects allows practically any person in your organization to find what is needed without assistance, whether it is structured information or unstructured content. 4SightBI provides the necessary company-wide business definitions that can be used throughout your entire insurance enterprise.

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